Friday, March 16, 2012

Hello to all of my blogger friends! I'm sorry for the long delay in posts- it has been such a busy semester....not complaining though...I'm on spring break and finally getting caught up on my favorite blogs!

If you haven't looked at the Twitter roll on the right of this page, you'll want to see our gorgeous bluebonnets covering the yard at our facility! Wow! Truly the best time of year in our area...everything is in bloom!

Next Friday we are holding our 2nd annual garage sale. When the program started, the main fundraiser was candle sales. Last year we really looked at how our students would truly "fundraise" in their own lives post-program and opted to do a garage sale. I believe that year we made about $400 which is amazing!! This year our donations are down, but it's really about the experience that our students get in putting on a sale. It will go on to serve many of them in the future, very well, I hope. Pictures will follow the sale!

On an exciting note... Our facility is getting an iPad! I'm thrilled about this because it will allow for my job coaches who need to teach students various tools on the job sites, how to do it, using some really cool checklist apps. Do you have a favorite life application app? If so please comment and share!

Have a great Friday everyone!