Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Peer-to-peer lessons are the best!

Food Expirations

One of the most beneficial things about all L.I.F.E. programs at MFISD is the ability for students who have an understanding of something to help teach their peers. John needed some help with deciphering if a perishable food is still good or bad. Brittney asked to show him and I was happy to oblige her request.

Strawberry Patch

 Rosie and Brittney showing off their bright, pretty smiles
Funny faces
 Picking Fun

The countdown has begun!

The count down is officially in full swing. There are now 25 school days left and we are all so excited about this small revelation. So excited it now has a special place on our crazy-busy schedule board. Can you tell we are a little bit excited?!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lesson-in-action: Checking an account balance

Today I had some extra time set aside to work with one of my students on contacting the bank to check her balance. The internet is an awesome tool and internet banking...equally awesome. But for anyone who has trouble remembering log in names and passwords, it can be frustrating. So we just started with the basics, like picking up the phone and contacting customer service, and for now it works perfectly.
Belinda did exceptionally well with this task. I had to cut the video for privacy reasons, but she did give them the entire account number by herself and answered two personal information questions in order to prove she's the account holder. I couldn't have been more proud of her success with this task.


Update on the house

The new training house is coming along very well. We now have walls and it's looking fantastic! All of the students and staff went up to tour the site and observe the progress being made. The last photo is the view out the back of our facility. Isn't it georgeous!? We all feel so forunate to be getting such a wonderful facility to teach and learn!


Samuel is graduating!!

One of my dear, sweet students is flying the coop this spring. Samuel came to us in September and stayed just long enough to leave footprints on our heart. Most of his family hails from another country, so this is our public true Samuel get them to travel here for his big day and celebration.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stang Special Olympic Round-Up

Rosie gives Brittney a congratulatory hug after winning her 2nd gold medal
 Brittney on the podium after winning the 2nd gold
 Belinda completing the 100 yard dash
 Rosie, Belinda and John stop to pose
 Mrs. Virdell and Trisha Clifton (from our Special Services office) posing
The MFISD Tent

Wow, what an amazing day we had on Friday! This was the first ever local track meet held in Marble Falls and we all had a blast!!
A HUGE thank you to the following sponsors who opened their door and wallet to us and donated for this event:

J & J Construction- Juan and Jesse Rodriguez
Ace Hardware- Jeff Ford
H.E.B- David Crail

We appreciate you and all other sponsors too!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brag on Belinda Day

Sometimes my students give me one of the greatest gifts a teacher can get...effort. Today is officially Brag on Belinda Day. I'm hoping every student will give me the chance to have a "Brag-on" them day, but one student inparticular has earned her day and's Belinda.

 What teacher doesn't love when a student says, "Can I help?" and that's just what Belinda did today. When she and I went to check on the progress of the house, she grabbed a broom and said, "I'll sweep."
Last week Belinda started her new job at Brother's Bakery. Not only have I heard compliments from the owner and her co-workers, but also from bakery patrons. She's not my daughter, but I definitely felt the "Mother's Pride" today when she waited on myself, Mrs. Hearne and classmate, Rosie, at lunch. And who doesn't love a cup of soup with a side of cheery smile!


Business-minded students

I have some seriously awesome students. Have I said that lately, because I really should say it everyday. Last week at our garage sale, one of my students, Belinda, came to school with a baggie full of homemade string bracelets. She had decided to set up shop and sale her bracelets to the shoppers coming to the sale. She made $3!
This morning when I walked into the classroom Belinda had brought at least 30 colors of string with her and convinced Rosie and Brittney to get in on her new business and start producing. They jumped in and didn't look back.
 Belinda even got Mrs. Barker in on the fun!
 Samuel reviewing the business plan
Showing off my bracelet!

How awesome is it that I have such brilliant students to utilize every opportunity to make a couple dollars. I'm so proud of them for something different all of the time, so today I wanted to share this exciting entrepreneurial project a few have taken on. Good job!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Garage Sale

Our program hosted a garage sale at the MFISD Central Office on Thursday evening and Friday of last week. It was all-in-all a success! We managed to raise almost $400 for items we would like to purchase for our new facility including art and home decor. A huge thanks to everyone in our community who came out and supported this wonderful program.