Monday, March 28, 2011

Garage Sale Funnies

We're in the middle of a garage sale frinzy. The room next to us is completly devoted to garage sale stuff.
So in light of this...we played dress up...


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Transitioning begins

Two of my students will be completing their final year with the Transition Training program this may. I'm so sad to be losing them. Both boys are some of the most precious young men I have ever met and am a better person for having served them as their teacher and friend. John has already started his transition process. He no longer receives in-class services Monday-Thursday, only vocational on the various job sites and Friday activities. John is a very hard worker and I know he's going to be an asset to his family's business.
Congratulations on all your accomplishments, John!

I will brag on the other student, Samuel, next week.


Happy, shiny people

Rockin' the smiles at our new digs! Opening soon!!


Signing Day

Signing Day
Belinda steps up to the permanent marker to be the first to sign her name inside the house

We have had some really wonderful times during the construction process. Everyone convened at the house on the Friday prior to spring break to select a stud to sign their names on. It was quite an exciting event for everyone to participate in. Afterward, the boys went outside to play around and be seen below.

 Sweet boys...

Silly Boys!

Spring Break fun!

All of our students reported a great spring break! I enjoyed my time with my daughter and friends doing such exciting day trips as the San Antonio Zoo and Morgan's Wonderland.
If you have a special needs child and haven't visited Morgan's Wonderland, it is well worth the money to go. Your child gets in free, no matter what age or disability, and parents can get in for a nominal fee of $15. Reservations are recommended since they cap the number of people in the park at any given time.
I took my summer school class last summer, which was Elementary LIFE students and they had a ball, but my students are probably too old to really enjoy it to it's highest potential.

 Water tables
I'm taking a moment to share some of our photos...and show off my daughter of course! J

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Poster Projects

The year is flying by and the 18+ program students are doing research and projects to prepare for the next chapter of the transition training facility. Students have created posters to showcase their desires for the new facility. Hopefully they will not be too camera shy and let me record them telling everyone about their poster projects. If not, I will just post photos of the posters.


Checking out the lighting

Students and staff visited a local home improvement store to pick some paint colors. Afterward, we went to the house to check the colors out in the natural lighting of the rooms.