Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Transition Fair

Two of our local 18+ program teachers, from Westlake (Eanes ISD) and Lake Travis (Lake Travis ISD) put on a wonderful Transition Fair this weekend in Lake Travis.

The fair had approximately 50 vendors from various types of government agencies, private organizations and non-profit organizations, with booths set up and eager people ready to tell you about the services they can offer your special needs child or students.

I wish I could post everything I collected because WOW...these vendors provided such a plethora of great information for the very young students up to adults. One of the stand-outs for me was our local NAMI group. I have honestly never heard of this national organization, but they truly blew me away with their passion and transparent eagerness to help educate families, educators and anyone else who may be effected by someone with some sort of mental illness. I'm going to make it my mission to get these ladies connected to my director and hopefully hold an information session to better educate me and the rest of my SpEd team.

If you are in the Austin-area and didn't get to go, please email me and I'll send the packet via PDF email to you...OR...if you are just interested in seeing what types of services would be offered at such an event...email me. I'm so happy to share this great information!


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