Sunday, February 27, 2011

Exciting times at Transition

 This has become such a busy time of year for us. The Transition Training Facility is really taking shape and it looks as though we might be moving in around May exciting is that!?
With that's also a very busy time of the year because we have our annual candle sales fundraiser under way. If you are a candle connoisseur, you have probably purchased at least one product from Lux Fragrances. This wonderful company not only makes great candles, they also employ a few of the 18+ Transition students.
 Our most popular is the 6 oz candle- "Risque" scent
The limited edition 11 oz. candle...created for our fundraiser in "Creme Brulee" scent

If you'd like to purchase a candle...or three...please e-mail me at


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