Monday, April 23, 2012

The final countdown

I have officially embarked on week 32 of my pregnancy and I am so excited to be finishing out the year with my students before this baby arrives.

It has been such a wild last few months. Having all of my students aging out at the same time creates such a strain on the brain in trying to plan ahead.

If I could wave my magic wand, I would wish for 100% support on the home front in the transitioning process and with that support for my students to continue working post program.

Many of my students have only known public school since they were 3-years-old, so breaking out into the real world of unstructured schedules is tough.

At a network meeting last week, a presenter told us we, as 18+ program teachers, need to be giving parents a blank schedule at the beginning of the program and having them really look at what they want that students daily schedule to look like when they complete the program. I helps to build better IEP's and keeps everyone realistic in expectations. Great idea!!

Everyday is a learning opportunity as an 18+ teacher and the more of us there are swapping ideas, the richer our programs will be!

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