Thursday, April 7, 2011

Business-minded students

I have some seriously awesome students. Have I said that lately, because I really should say it everyday. Last week at our garage sale, one of my students, Belinda, came to school with a baggie full of homemade string bracelets. She had decided to set up shop and sale her bracelets to the shoppers coming to the sale. She made $3!
This morning when I walked into the classroom Belinda had brought at least 30 colors of string with her and convinced Rosie and Brittney to get in on her new business and start producing. They jumped in and didn't look back.
 Belinda even got Mrs. Barker in on the fun!
 Samuel reviewing the business plan
Showing off my bracelet!

How awesome is it that I have such brilliant students to utilize every opportunity to make a couple dollars. I'm so proud of them for something different all of the time, so today I wanted to share this exciting entrepreneurial project a few have taken on. Good job!



  1. Samuel,
    Congratulations! thanks for the invitations and ee are all ready to be at your graduation!
    Silvano, Veronique, Mariana, Natalia and Emilia

  2. Thank you for your comment. I will show Samuel tomorrow...he will be thrilled!