Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brag on Belinda Day

Sometimes my students give me one of the greatest gifts a teacher can get...effort. Today is officially Brag on Belinda Day. I'm hoping every student will give me the chance to have a "Brag-on" them day, but one student inparticular has earned her day and's Belinda.

 What teacher doesn't love when a student says, "Can I help?" and that's just what Belinda did today. When she and I went to check on the progress of the house, she grabbed a broom and said, "I'll sweep."
Last week Belinda started her new job at Brother's Bakery. Not only have I heard compliments from the owner and her co-workers, but also from bakery patrons. She's not my daughter, but I definitely felt the "Mother's Pride" today when she waited on myself, Mrs. Hearne and classmate, Rosie, at lunch. And who doesn't love a cup of soup with a side of cheery smile!


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