Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Funday Friday: Bob Bullock Texas State History...IMAX

Photo from the Bob Bullock Website

It's a real world experience at it's best and nothing that I could possibly (want to) manufacture in a classroom setting.


Hello friends! I'm sorry for the delay in posts...getting back into the swing of things and starting STAAR Testing has been my top priority the past two weeks.

Last Friday we joined two area 18+ programs at the Bob Bullock State History Museum...for an IMAX movie. It was awesome to say the least. This is one of the huge perks to being a teacher in an 18+ program...the awesome outings selected by students. The highlight of course is taking a student who has never been outside of the county to the downtown area of Austin. Shock and awe doesn't describe it!

Here's a just a snippet of our many conversations:

Student: "What is that person doing against the wall?
Mrs. Virdell: "Sweetie, he's peeing. Look away"

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