Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's changes...

One of the very first things I learned about being a Life Skills teacher is that you have to be flexible and understand an ever-changing schedule. I was leisurely expressing this concept to one of my teacher aides, who was coming into my program from general education, and she said it best:

"It's like a palm tree...if it doesn't sway, it will we'll just be palm trees."

And now you know why I love her so! If only she would paint it on a piece of weathered wood and sell it on Esty. I'm certain it would be a hit with other special education teachers.

So being a palm tree...I had to re-apply that concept when I was told in November,
"Oh by the way...I know we are three months into the school year already, but on top of your job, you now have two HS Life Skills classes, twice a week that you will need to teach (and do paperwork on)."


You can probably guess that conversation is quickly followed up with,
"Oh by the way, you're also responsible for doing all the testing administrator training, teaching and End-of-Course testing all of the life skills juniors on US History and English III."

And we're swaying....

I know with the budget crisis hitting many of your schools (and let's be honest, you personally), there is a lot of swaying going on. Some days, everything blowing your way is much harder to deal with, but I'm certain that with a positive attitude...and remembering the love we all have for these children and of course  the almighty paycheck too...we will survive!


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