Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Party Planning Lesson: Creating the Seven-Layer Dip

I'm so sad to say that one of my darling students is flying the coop and moving on to brighter places in the world with her family.

The silver lining (we must always find a silver lining) is now we get to plan a party! I gathered up my "party committee" of students and staff and we voted to have light finger foods and a cake at the going away party.

We've honestly never hosted a party that didn't include a huge meal, as crazy as that sounds, so menu planning was somewhat of a new animal to tackle. One of the suggestions was "dips."

Oh how I love you Pinterest!

We ended up with a recipe from none other than "The Girl Who Ate Everything" (She's fabulous by the way)!

My students had a BLAST with this...the concept of layering really perked their interest and the assembly line we had going was more than comical. The girls had the giggles, I had the was just a great little lesson.

I especially appreciated the fact that one student said, "Now people can't double dip!" What a fantastic point to make! Maybe I'll start doing individual cups, for eveything that can be dipped, at home! (wink)

So this fun little creation will be making a very pretty appearance at our "Bon Voyage" party in two weeks. Pictures will follow the party!


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